Saudi campaign to clean up YouTube

Campaign has so far attracted 200 members who surf the site in search of inappropriate content

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Saudi campaign to clean up YouTube Campaign has so far attracted 200 members who surf the site in search of inappropriate content. (Getty Images)
By  Soren Billing Published  August 13, 2009

Saudi Arabian internet surfers have launched a campaign on video sharing website YouTube to remove content that could offend Saudi sensibilities.

The campaign, “Saudi Flagger”, has so far attracted 200 members who surf the site in search of inappropriate content, Saudi daily Al Riyadh wrote on Thursday.

“All we do is to perform our duty towards our religion and homeland,” said Mazen Al Ali, one of the campaign’s volunteers.

“We hope that the campaign will achieve great success in guiding our youth and block anyone who tries to harm our society.”

Content that is deemed offensive is flagged as inappropriate to the website’s administrators.

Users are then advised to file their complaint under “hateful or abusive content” that “promotes hatred or violence” against religious groups, according to the campaign’s website.

3582 days ago

There is something of a knee jerk reaction on the part of some of the forumers to attack Saudi Arabia on the forum. Firstly, if Saudi Arabia is all as repressive as some people seem to think, I think it would have blocked Youtube a long long time ago. The fact that Saudis have the opportunity to watch Youtube in their country at all shows the authorities their have not blocked it ( at least not yet ) There are other countries like Turkey and China, on the other hand where access to Youtube has been blocked at various times in the past. Second, the right to flag Youtube videos as being offensive or inappropriate is one that every Youtube visitor has. The whole point of Youtube is for people to upload and download videos at will, without any major regulations or obstacles. On the other hand, if an individual user finds a video to be inappropriate, the website gives the user an opportunity to mark it as such. If people are so keen on freedom of expression and freedom of the net, one wonders, why should Saudi users of Youtube be restricted from their rights as visitors to this site ?

3591 days ago

Hussain, man, you were doing so well, why did you have to throw in the bit about the dark ages and stuff? YOu lost it there completely! THe rest of what you said is true. I am from Iran and i get what you say about a loud few getting all the attention in the media and the government and giving a stereotypical image which makes the whole world think your country is backwards. But let's admit it also, our countries ARE backwards in many respects. But don't even get me started on that.

3591 days ago

One of the benefits most of us enjoy from living in modern society is freedom of choice. We choose to log on to You Tube, and choose what we watch, both on this and other media. We must take responsibility for ourselves and effect appropriate censorship based on our own set of morals and ethos. If we are parents, it is our responsibility to do this for our children until they are of an age when they can choose for themselves. Some of our choices will be better then others, but they are our choices. Most of us will not come to or cause physical harm, as we will choose not to. If someone chooses to view material or engage in activities that is against their upbringing and the morals of their country and religion, that is their choice. It is impossible to police a world, and only through example can we have a positive and lasting influence on others.

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