Windows 7 goes RTM

Microsoft releases final version of Windows 7 to PC manufacturers ahead of October launch

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Windows 7 goes RTM
By  Mark Sutton Published  July 23, 2009

Microsoft has announced that it has released the latest version of the Windows OS, Windows 7, to its PC manufacturing partners.

Windows 7 went ‘RTM’ yesterday, ahead of an anticipated global launch on 22nd October, allowing PC manufacturers to carry out their own testing and begin installing the new operating system on PCs.

The final RTM code is not substantially different to the code that was available for testing in July, Microsoft said, and the company has been completing long-term testing in the interim.

Writing on Microsoft’s Windows 7 blog, Brandon LeBlanc, Windows Communications Manager said: “Not only is RTM an important milestone for us – it’s also an important milestone for our partners. Today’s release is the result of hard work and collaboration with our partners in the industry to make Windows 7 a success. We delivered Windows 7 with a predictable feature set on a predictable timetable that allowed OEMs to focus on value and differentiation for their customers.

“Our customers told us what they want (and expect) and we defined those specific experiences and then built features to support them. Windows 7 today runs great on the broadest array of hardware types ranging from netbooks to high-end gaming machines. We worked closely with OEMs so that their PCs delight customers with the new features in Windows 7,” he added.

3439 days ago

It's much better than vista and I’m really Satisfied with it well Don Microsoft

3541 days ago

Faster than Vista.

3621 days ago
Chico Guerrera

To all the sheep that are going to rush to buy Windows Vista lite - sorry, Windows SEVEN - thinking they're getting something drastically new: Save your money. I would urge anyone with a spare computer to at least try Ubuntu Linux or another Linux distribution on their PCs. When you see the variety of free software out there, not to mention the performance compared to Microsoft's bloated operating system, you may be pleasantly surprised, especially if all you really want is surfing, email, document editing, calendar, er... hmmm actually almost anything, games included for FREE. Do not fall for the Microsoft hype, check the release version of Windows 7. Vista is known as Windows version 6.0; Windows "Seven" has a release number of 6.1. This ought to tell you everything you need to know. I would urge you to try Ubuntu (it seems to be the best Linux for detecting various different hardware configurations, and actually does a better job on one of my machines than Window 7 did!). For the price (ZILCH), how can it hurt?

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