Hits Africa stalls as funding dries up

Ex-employees take legal action over unpaid wages and severance packages

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3199 days ago

what is the current status of HITS TANZANIA,wheather the telecom equipment vendor is final or not.who are the current person in senior management

3355 days ago
HMC Group

Did Hits Africa ever started any of these African Operations ? If you are a former Hits Africa employee please contact me.

3302 days ago
Milan Mikan

Hi, only one operation is running today, in Equatorial Guinea. They have deployed around 25% of GSM network (UMTS/Wimax planned networks don`t exist at all). I was employed by Hits as RNP project manger and was based in EG. As far as I know, there is still a lot of ex employees that did not get paid (I am still waiting for two salaries). Would you have any proposition how to help me and others to finally get paid? Regards, Milan

3591 days ago
In the Dark

The board is a disgrace to the members of the telecoms profession. In the season of EID they continue to remove themselves from the equation. Families have grumbled and people lives are shattered to this ignorant and shameful approach. We still await a solution after many months.............

3618 days ago
Former Employee

Shame on you , how can you declare these fantastic plans , and your employees at HITS africa didnt get paid , and many of them left under bad situation in Equatorial Guniea . please explain that ... we didnt understand your point !!!!!!

3637 days ago
Former Senior Employee

I fail to understand how the same men who own and operate this same company can have money for all of the European expansions and more. Yet can leave his staff stranded in 3rd world Africa and then withhold salaries. An act that not only caused us great problems, (Can Dr. Baharbi even imagine what it means to be stuck in a place like Kinshasa or Malabo with no money and non way out? Because that is what he did to a great many employees!) But to add insult then caused us to lose even more money as we had to cover the various late fees and other expenses this in turn caused. No one ever asked any of us if we agreed to having our salaries withheld and becoming the company’s newest creditors. NO, The operators of this company simply took our salaries, and left us stranded in 3rd World Africa and used every last penny they could to keep bring in more equipment, that they had no way to pay for or operate. NO the message was clear people did not matter only material and the desperation to get the network built any way possible, even if it meant over the bodies of the employees. Do not fool yourselves; this is literally what this company did! Shame on you! If people really are judged by their actions, then your actions clearly demonstrate that you are not good people by any stretch of the definition. What you did to your staff is more than a crime it’s a sin! Shame on you!

3639 days ago
I.T Consultant

As an international consultant and one who formerly considered helping HITS to get off the ground, I am disgusted that the executives can believe they can get away running their business in this way. News travels fast amongst the telco consulting community and HITS will receive the treatment it deserves. I'm so glad I never got involved with this shambles of a company and the idiots who run it.

3641 days ago

Its a big shame to hear that my dear friend Talat and Dr Sultan have behaved in such a disgraceful way. Guys wake up and fear the last day!

3643 days ago
paul thornton

I have to say after reading the article and hearing first hand from a close friend of mine, i think its an utter disgrace that the expat community can be lied to so easily as to the point it can only be described as a crime. These employees have been made to work, loyally i may add!! . for no financial gain whatsoever.

3648 days ago
In the Dark

One would of hoped that an article of this magnitude would have prompted or even shamed the board into paying the salaries that have been due for such a long period. Even now in the wake of this article they continue to refuse and acknowledge the desperate attempts from its former loyal employees to get what is rightfully theirs!!

3650 days ago
Former Employee

I was there working @ HITS africa , and i can tell that was the worst experience i have ever had on both personal and profissional level. The CEO Tallat Lahham and his mafia have wasted and abused a huge ammount of money on fake bounuses , flights , hotels , fancy specs .....etc. at the end of the day , and tell now we didnt get paid , and waiting for the court in bahrain to decied


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