Enterprise Architecture under pressure to move out of IT sphere

Enterprise architecture needs to be seen as a part of business decision making, not just IT say professionals

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By  Imthishan Giado in London Published  June 11, 2009

At the Enterprise Architecture Conference today in London, experts in the field stressed the need for enterprise architecture to move away from being considered part of the IT section of an enterprise and instead become part of general business decision making.

Enterprise architecture refers to the mechanism of studying a business to discern its working processes, and then creating a model of the entire organization to provide comprehensive information for decision makers.

Tim Shoubridge, global head of enterprise architecture at fleet specialists Leaseplan describes the situation: “One of the things we have traditionally looked at is projects. What we have done is over the last nine months is start to change that language. We’re moving it now from projects and programmes to investments. That’s changing the mindsets. Along with investments, there comes times value, so it’s about exploitation of investment, rather than just ticking the box at the end of day, done.”

Shoubridge also warned that the market for enterprise architecture was on shaky ground, with analysts Gartner projecting that 80% of enterprise architecture programmes would be shut down in two years, because they have failed to deliver tangible value.

The European Enterprise Architecture Conference attracts a wide range of experienced speakers and delegates from round the world and provides a unique opportunity to discover the approaches that work most effectively.

3532 days ago
Tyrone Paige

Funny, I was just saying the same thing to colleagues; I would even go so far as to call it something else or at else change the “Architecture” to something else. The EA group will always struggle in organizations as long as it lives in IT. A group which is tasked to figure out how to allow business to do business the way it wants to goes well beyond figuring out which technologies to use. Often times changing the business process will yield more bang for the buck.

3535 days ago

I also agree this is not an IT thinking alone , EA is an art and art means mixing general resources to produce tangible benefits , IT alone is engineering , Business + IT = Enterprise Architecture , but first you have to have clear business objectives

3541 days ago
John Polgreen

I agree - if your EA program is in danger of being shut down, get your C suite to read 'Enterprise Architecture as Strategy' by J. Ross et al. They study 100+ companies' use of EA and how it was useful from a business point of view.

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