Mobily unit launches new WiFi-enabled WIMAX router

Bayanat Al Oula rolls out router for Broadband@Home service in Saudi Arabia.

3204 days ago

how can i put password on my wimax broadband, just got it today but i have difficulties in finding ways to set up password..pls somebody out there..pls help..would appreciate it..thanks ahead

3186 days ago

pls. set your metwok adapter to an auto obtain setting.. and then connect your router via LAN port.. type at web address ( follow some instruction..

to set a password, select and click admin button then put and provide new password.. if you needed more explanation or an advice don't hesitate to called up me... +966561961358

3208 days ago
frederico ponce

please do change ur tcp/ip address on ur pc to to connect to the router then change all the settings you may wish to be changed.

3214 days ago
irfan aijaz

plzzz help me how can i reset mobily broadband hardware i want to reset plzzz help me now

3235 days ago

how i change the mobily router wifi password

3390 days ago
bongskie clemente

please help me how to reset my mobily wifi wimax router i lost may password but i can not reset my wimax i try to to reset but not working to original setup of may wifi wimax please help me thank you

3238 days ago

@bongskie clemente.. did you get any solution for reset the password and router. actually i am also new user of Mobily brand band and facing same problem. Do reply if you have any solution, i mean how to reset the router and if we will do then any problem in speed and all Thanks

3307 days ago

i forget my id & password please somebody help me i have reset hardware also according to manual of my mobily home broadband router but nothing.....

3710 days ago
dan bald

The quality of my STC's landline is so poor. I upgraded my speed to 1MB but it is hardly to get the connection with other stc modem (no DCD) better with 512kb. No way of upgrading to more than 1MB due to line's condition. I got mobily yesterdat for SR1800 also very poor in the day I got 250kb during day time. I only got one bar on my signal. Everywhere I go inside my flat that the max I could get. I am just 500 mtrs from Riyadh Military Hospital. I want to logde a complain with Mobily but where? I planning to return it on Saturday to get my money back. I am in the middle of the city and getting one bar. I tried also to go outside I manage to 2 bar but not steady. I think Mobily should improved first the signal quality before introducing new gadgetry.

3734 days ago
Sharbeen Sarash

I'm proud user of Broadband@Home. Features a great connectivity and stability. Been using it for 3 weeks now and didnt face any trouble till date. Except once I had slow upload speed. I always get above 2mbps speed and upload of 512kbps. Make sure you get 4 out of 4 signal strenght to get the best response. And besides they have 3 days money back guarantee. So its worth trying it.


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