India disconnects nearly 25 million Chinese handsets

Mobile operators ordered to discontinue services to Chinese-made phones as security fears mount

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By  Vineetha Menon Published  April 13, 2009

Mobile phones that do not have the unique 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code will no longer be supported by any telecom operator in India.

India’s Department of Telecom believes that these handsets, most of which are manufactured in China, pose a serious security threat and could be used to facilitate terrorist activities. Without an IMEI code, authorities are unable to identify which cellphone was used to place calls over GSM networks.

The Department had initially ordered mobile operators in the country to discontinue services to such handsets by March 31st but then agreed to extend that deadline to April 13th. Operators have been sending alerts to customers in recent days, informing them about the new directive and advising them to take necessary measures in order to stay connected.

The decision is expected to affect nearly 25 million handsets in the country which has a population of more than a billion people.

3424 days ago

chinees mobiles are good but not 100% , so check it before buying it. and if you pay some little to buy chinees handset and you will get all those common facilities. So I think its better.!!

3722 days ago

Dude Ron, You are absolutely right that there are a lot of people using these products. But hey do you know how hazardous these products are? I am talking because i have seen a lot of faulty products manufactured by the Chinese. Yes accpeted, the big names in the market are using the Chinese to produe their goods but check on their quality and material being used. You never know what kind of disease you will end up with these Chinese items all around you. Infact check on the pharma side most of the countries have banned Chinese pharma products from their exchange portfolio because many people died in other parts of the world. Even in India there is lot of piracy happening on the branded names but i can assure you that they dont use sub-standard material to manufacture them.

3723 days ago

everyone seems to be blaming the Chinese. I don't remember them putting a gun to the heads of the Indian Government. Stop blaming the Chinese, India made the purchase. Secondly the Chinese simply produce products based on the requirement of the country/manufacturer. Big guns such as Dell, Sony are all pretty much "made in China" these days, you get what you pay for i say. Stop trying to be patriotic via press articles!

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