Batelco introduces free incoming roaming

World Freedom service will allow roaming customers to receive calls free of charge in 21 countries

3810 days ago
Rowaida ElAraby

Be fair guys, Batelco is following what is Zain doing just look which countries they are choosing to make this offer. The only ones you can speak of are Jordan, Saudi and may be Sudan. Enjoy it but just look around and compare.

3813 days ago

I've been working at Batelco for 12 years . I moved now to another company, and I sometimes regret it. What I can tell you sincerely, is, that Batelco is the best company in the region, in matters of pricing, engineering, human resources , customer support,VoIP,PSTN,2G,3G ... the list is long... You just compare the services Batelco offers,with others. just read carefully , and you soon discover that others are just fooling you. Well done Batelco. Batelco Fan forever. Mourad

3818 days ago
Yasser Shaker Eqab

It was Zain (formaily MTC vodafone - Bahrain) that actualy introduced the service with only 5 countries and now expanding. Batelco might have jumped ahead with 21 countries that are mostly insignafient to Bahrains market but Zain where the open to open the doors. Batelco would have not introduced this service only to catchup with Zain.... Thank you Zain, they deserve the credit for this one. Yasser A previous Batelco customer, now a loyal Zain one.

3819 days ago
Salim A

Sure they sign countries for this agreement but not much loss to Batelco. How about fixing your terrible Internet service? It is a mess! And WAY overpriced!! And UNDERSPEEDED! And why cap what people get? That is a farce that communist countries are even better at doing than Batelco. No wonder its nickname is Fashelco! And how about teaching, and monitoring your calltakers on what customer service is? They are a joke! Fix those

3824 days ago
Amarnath Bantwal

Surely a great first! Hats off to Batelco for conceiving the World Freedom Service. Speaks volumes of its customer-service orientation and the friendly psyche of the beautiful island nation. Coming from a telecom background & from one of the world's most mature cell-pop economies India, living in one of the most ravenous (almost butcherous-I am not sure if that's an adjective) Telecom countries Kuwait- this is almost like Manna. Kuwait telecom industry today bleeds from the crazy incoming tariffs (from local landlines, international-mobile & land) that sometimes is more expensive than an outgoing call. While Qatar boasts of the highest inroaming tariff, Kuwait Telecom is hell-bent on squeezing the customer dry (yet another use of the ever-versatile cellular phone- the new squeezie). Kuwait arguably has the highest ARPU(Average revenue per user) in the world- a small wonder! Even the introduction of a third cellular player hasn't affected the other two white elephants (In fact one blue/black and one red) who continue being pampered for no sane reason. The customer hasn't yet seen a reprieve in tariffs. We wish Wataniya, Viva and Zain take a cue from Batelco and start with free incoming calls at least.


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