UAE telcos are VoIP ready

Etisalat and du react to claims that TRA will legalize the technology

3727 days ago

We have heard arguments and counter-arguments on VOIP in the UAE for years. As a consumer; what is acceptable to me would be full spectrum VOIP without any limitations whatsoever on international standards. Please stop these gimmicks like "VOIP for local calls" and start taking the consumers seriously. May I reqeust TRA/ETISALAT/DU to pay a little attention to our neighbour BATELCO, Bahrain doing ? There are lessons to learn from them.

3729 days ago
Deepika Dudeja

It is good to see some developments in the VoIP legalization in the UAE. The only thing that struck me in this article is, what would be the attraction of using VoIP for local calls!!?? For most part, local calls are free on landlines within emirates, so this entire talk on VoIP for local calls has no significance. Keeping in mind the expat population base and the exorbitant international charges, it is the international VoIP calls that consumers want here.

3739 days ago
Rajesh Gandhy

Well, Qatar government has officially declared that VOIP in Qatar is legal for personal use. This is great step towards make a better communication in this part of the world. The GCC is full of expats who need to talk to their friends and family back home and VOIP provides a cheap alternative to stay in touch. The world over, VOIP is the dominant form of communication these days with better voice quality available. The other GCC countries should take a clue from Qatar and make VOIP legal. These will drive traffic and will surely compensate the providers in terms of overall revenue.

3739 days ago

There is no use if the TRA doesn't allow international calls. it s not only about outbound calls but also about inbound calls and the convenience of talking within a network via VOIP. but they will not open that for a long time. they would loose all the profits.

3742 days ago
abu Yousuf

Interesting, considering that du uses VoIP to provision dial tone to all of its fixed line customers- or that doesn't count. TRA has interesting take on things.


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