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Mobile computing options have never been so varied and so accessible, even on a modest budget.

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By  Adrian Bridgwater Published  June 22, 2008

Worth a nod for sure here is i-mate, the company describes itself as a specialist the design, development and customisation of Microsoft Windows Mobile powered mobile devices. Headquartered in Dubai, i-mate recently launched the Ultimate 9502 and 8502 devices for the first time in the Middle East.

These devices feature a combination of advanced technology including 3.5G and Wi-Fi, offering users pretty good data speeds to send and receive email.

Both phones additionally feature the distinct ‘direct video out' facility, which lets you connect your device to a digital projector or TV for big screen presentation or video call.

Real mobility today is not about laptops. The next big thing is the Windows Mobile phone, which keeps users just as productive as laptops while on-the-go.

The i-mate Ultimate gives business users a platform that is as familiar as their PC and packed with functionality; including the option to edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents and access and manage email, calendar and contacts," said Jack Craine, General Manager MEA & India at i-mate.

We could go on. There are super-slim Apple Macs, new and still attractive Palm Centro smartphones (they're been around for a while and they are still good by virtue of the fact that they are made to high quality manufacturing levels) and there are all manner of new phones that claim to act as personal organisers and handheld video game units.

Stay secure on the go

It would be remiss of us here at Windows Middle East to bring this feature to you without including a note on the topic of security. When you take your data outside your business or your house, you create a data risk.

This could be due to your mails being bugged as you use unsecured wireless networks at your local coffee shop. It could be down to someone tapping into your laptop while you are on the move via your Bluetooth unit.

Five must-have gadgets for road warriors

1. iTurbo iPod Charger

As wonderful as we all know that iPods are, they're not exactly well known for having dependable batteries. Luckily, help is at hand with this excellent gizmo, the iTurbo iPod Charger.

2. Gorilla Pods

At last there's a tough and flexible travel camera tripod that actually works. The Gorilla Pod comes in both compact and SLR sizes and is a clever and multi-purpose tripod that will support your camera pretty well anywhere. Not too much snow in the Middle East, but you get the picture.

3. Hand Held Wind Charger

This is supposed to be particularly useful for people who use bikes (or convertible cars perhaps!), as the breeze created will force the mini turbine into moving and then can charge up your device while you go. From what we could tell at Windows, this is not yet widely available and is currently be demonstrated at exhibitions and conferences.

4. Mini projectors

3M is keeping its cards close to its chest as to when and where we might eventually see these products emerge. Fighting off similar offerings from Texas Instruments and Microvision, the race to bring us this super gadget is well underway. While you're on the 3M website checking this out, have a look for the company's notebook privacy screens too.

5. Solio universal hybrid charger

This newfangled item is termed ‘hybrid' due to the fact that the internal battery can be charged by plugging it into a conventional power socket, or by exposing the three clever little solar panels to the sun. It's called universal because it can charge anything from an iPod, a digital camera, a mobile phone or even a game device.

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