Goodbye gaming machines?

Numerous tier one computer manufacturers build high-end gaming PCs but is there really a market for these rigs?

3910 days ago

With the first gentlemen! I agree with Jasons article too - it IS much better to put your own machine together. I'd appreciate the authors thoughts on the PC vs Console Gaming future. As I see it even many 'hardcore' gamers are leaving the PC platform as the console power and ease of use (no fiddling with gfx settings for individual games, no re-speccing your pc on a new release). BUT many youngsters are playing a lot of free flash games on thier pc's and as internet speeds increase its likely that hardware consoles and physical game media will vanish and we'll all be accessing sony/microsoft/nintendo content directly to platform agnostic multi-purpose set-tops beneath our tv. Discuss. :)

3911 days ago
Ali Kattan

I agree with Abdulrahman, the title is misleading. But in my case I thought that the author was trying to say that prebuilt gaming machines are now being favored over self-built or customized ones.

3911 days ago
Abdulrahman Hajjar

Nice article but the title was misleading. When I read the title I thought Jason wanted to say that Game Consoles are becoming more popular than gaming machines but it turned out that he meant to say that prebuilt gaming machines are not preferable.


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