Freak UAE rain showers manmade

Scientists carry out tests to induce artificial rain by sprinkling cloud seeding salts in moist clouds.

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By  Dylan Bowman Published  May 7, 2008

Many UAE motorists making their way home on Tuesday would have put the dark skies and light rain down to just a freak occurrence, but in fact the unseasonably bad weather could have been manmade as scientists were carrying out tests to induce artificial rain.

The Meteorological Department at the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) used aircraft to sprinkle cloud seeding salts in moist clouds heading towards Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain, reported state news agency Wam.

The monitoring stations subsequently registered light to medium rainfalls in different areas of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Wam said.

Motorists could be in for more bad weather as scientists planning to repeat the tests again on Wednesday, according to the news agency.

3644 days ago

I hope those scientist do more tests here in uae especially abudhabi, as rain is something that rarely happens. I was delighted to see the rain as it cooled the rather hot and humid abudhabi. Although the wind on wednesday was somehow freaky and very unusual. I also heared that this weather was from saudi arabia applying their weather system.

3967 days ago
Emron Llah

What chemical was used? Many years ago the Russians did the same thing using silver chloride. It worked but the chemical is toxic and was stopped (except over unpopulated areas, eg forests and deserts).

3967 days ago
Joanna Pogulis

Since I have seen the movie: The Avengers (1998) I have been fascinated with ‘making weather’. When last week just before leaving for work around 8am heard thunders and then seen lightning (Dubai), looked through the windows to see very strange dark clouds as we see them in Johannesburg just before a thunder storm (Johannesburg has lots of metal in the ground causing it to be a city with most lightning). The Dubai rain however was not that strong but what made me scared is a very powerful wind out of nowhere which I did not see in Dubai yet (living here last 3 years), just as if beginning of cyclone (you should have seen the garden/park for those few seconds). I do understand that the region is desperate for rain however God and Mother Nature have created a balance via million/billion of years and playing God is not healthy and am convinced that if we do one thing we unbalance another. I personally am not worried about motorists as people will have to learn and quickly, what concerns more is Mother Nature's retaliation.

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