Internet problems continue with fourth cable break

Services in Qatar seriously disrupted by damage to cable linking Gulf state to UAE.

2940 days ago

This refers to the present internet problem of cable damage. Here Etisalat is very ruthless to its customers. They never tell anything to users. Its their monopoly here in UAE. Hope that everything returns to normal soon.

2947 days ago
Najaf Haider

An even bigger issue than the disruption is that the companies are not updating the customers regarding the progress of repairs. We, the users, are being kept in the dark. There must be an official statement regarding the exact date of repairs, and a day-by-day update of ongoing works.

2948 days ago

This is the very sad situation here in Dubai. I cannot receive my salary for the month of December with this shit internet problem. Because my boss he don't believe that the Etisalat Internet Disruption is not a hindrance for operating his business for accessing websites. Crazy yah? I did everthing formated all PC's and show to them the news from gulfnews. I'm very disappointed with that company...

2951 days ago

My pal, Fred thinks that it's caused by earthquakes. The breaks are all on a fault line.

2953 days ago
Adnan jalal

It's a very big disaster, it should recover as soon as possible so Gulf will again be in contact with other countries easily through internet and the buniness will again start. Nowadays the economy in the UAE is very low and they should recover that matter soon.

2954 days ago
John Smith

Its really when Etisalat said that they are not affected by this cable break.. when you can't even upload a 10kb file.. yeah, browsers are okay a bit slow though.

2955 days ago

This issue has been a pain in the neck, I wish it can be fixed as soon as possible, currently, In Dubai, I am unable to connect to Therefor not being able to reply to my Videos :-/ And following the official World of Warcraft (US) Forums this problem is also effecting the connection to the game, and the game became seriously slow, and players disconnect regularly. And many people depend on the Internet, So i believe this should be fixed as soon as possible, This problem also reaches India and Pakistan! I hope this will be fixed soon, I'm waiting for updates Rami

3274 days ago

To tap fiber, it must be cut. Offshore taps such as these would allow virtually all data to the Middle East to be intercepted without detection, except for the blackout of service while the taps were being installed. Or it could be a freaky coincidence.

3274 days ago

No body of water by that name has ever existed. The correct name is the Persian Gulf, which always has been, and will always remain, Persian.

3275 days ago

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist - I must agree that there is something afoot in FOUR cables being "cut" in a matter of a week. Funny how three ships' anchors were mislaid all in a short period of time. However, the point of my submitting a comment today was to WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Heba, from Egypt. Loved her comment on the photograph - it made me laugh out loud at work!


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