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Nokia Siemens Networks is working with operators across the region to ensure that customers can enjoy smooth broadband connectivity in the future.

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By  Sathya Mithra Ashok Published  October 14, 2007

"If you provide the customers with a great experience, while providing services that they want, they will use it all the time. If you make it difficult though, they might not come back to it after some initial usage. We will be seeing a lot of bandwidth, increased capacity and smoother usage models for people across the region in the next few years time," says Walid Moneimne, chairman for Middle East and Africa at Nokia Siemens
Networks (NSN).

He assures that this is a simple deduction that can be gathered from some of the markets where HSDPA networks have been deployed by operators. With proper service levels, these markets have seen growth in both voice and data traffic among end users and consumers.

Moneimne predicts that this move will occur in parallel with growth in 3G capacity.

"The target is to move the current 300 million mobile subscribers to 600 million subscribers by 2010. In around four years time, when more 3G terminals are available and more affordable, more consumers will use 3G capacity for data as well as voice traffic," he states.

He points out that in order to achieve the vision of 5 billion broadband users - over fixed and mobile connections - network capacity will have to increase 100 fold and the region is seeing more investments in building capacity and increasing coverage even as the number of licences increase.

On the external front we have put all our customer activities into focus and today our customers view us as a large team with unified offerings.

"The question is not that of whether 3G or WiMAX. What we have been seeing is that operators who are a 2G or 3G customers are implementing HSDPA solutions and are on the path of evolution to the LTE side. We are doing a lot of investments in that area and are working with customers on that goal," states Moneimne.

"These same customers are looking to use WiMAX in a complimentary fashion either for backhauling or for data offerings. Some CDMA operators worldwide, are looking at making a shift to WiMAX based offerings. We have solutions in this area as well and are one of the main providers for operators like Sprint in the US which is taking aggressive steps to implement solutions for 100 million users," Moneimne adds.

According to him, NSN is in an ideal position to tap into the expanding Middle East and African telecom market as a new company which is backed by the history and reputation of two established players.

"Since our launch in April, we have been actively working on both the internal and external fronts. On the external front we have put all our customer activities into focus and today our customers view us as a large team with unified offerings. This has been one of our major focus areas - to energise the team and put them in front of the customer to offer our solutions as well as our services," enthuses Moneimne.

The other activity that the company has been spending its time on has been internal integration some activities of which have taken more time than anticipated. According to Moneimne, now the company stands fully integrated and offers a consistent value proposition for employees and customers.

"We are present in over 44 countries across the region and have around 4000 employees, about 3000 of whom are involved in services alone. Our business from the region has been on the rise and we have taken on new customers since the formation of the company along with existing customers from both companies," says Moneimne.

He adds that the company focuses a lot of attention on research and development and adopts a differentiated strategy based on operator requirements for countries across Middle East and Africa. According to him, the company also spends time in developing varied solutions for low ARPU markets, working closely with operators and taking into consideration the business models that would work best.

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