iPhones hacked to work with Etisalat sims

The Apple phones are being bought in the US with AT&T contracts then hacked to work on Gulf networks.

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By  Rob Corder Published  September 6, 2007

Apple's latest must-have gadget, the iPhone, has made it to the UAE. But only grey market retailers can sell it, and you will need to pay 500 UAE dirhams ($136) to an illegal hacker to make it work with an Etisalat or Du sim card.

An anonymous Dubai resident, speaking to weekly freesheet Xpress, claimed that he paid a total of 3626 dirhams ($987) for the phone, an American AT&T annual contract and the fee to a hacker.

He now boasts a fully functioning Etisalat iPhone months before the device will be legally released in the UAE.

Du and Etisalat are currently in high stakes negotiations with Apple to become the exclusive supplier of iPhones in the UAE.

The iPhone was first hacked last month so that customers in the US could use it on any network, not just AT&T which has exclusive rights to sell contracts for the handset.

Since then, an online community has developed that has perfected the art and shared its secrets. The iphonehacks.com web site receives around 4000 visits per day.

4124 days ago

He said "illegal hackers", he didn't that unlocking phones was illegal. But what is illegal are the stores that are selling unlocked iPhones on the black market.

4148 days ago

Please be more accurate when reporting and know the facts. 
Unlocking/hacking the iPhone or any other phone, is NOT illegal. Kindly refrain from referring to those who have the skill and know-how as 'Illegal Hackers, you make it sound like a crime has taken place, or that hackers are criminals! 
Furthermore there is no such term as 'legally launched' .... perhaps you meant 'Officially' launched...there is BIG difference. 
Looking forward to your next report once one of the Organized Criminals a.ka. Large Corporations; has championed the Apple deal.

4153 days ago
Mario Guaragna

There is nothing illegal nor wrong in "unlock" a phone providing you own it. In fact, in UAE all phones are sold "unlocked". For phones now the used word is "hacked" but it is the same.

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