Power Probs: Are you affected?

First it was Dell and Apple that were howling in pain, then Sony bit the bullet and offered a full battery replacement program for any affected notebook vendors. Since then, Fujitsu and Lenovo have also begun singing the Laptop Battery Blues. So is your machine affected? Should you be clearing your throat and joining them? Find out here.

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By  Matthew Wade Published  October 9, 2006

|~||~||~|This update will - I should say from the off - be very link-friendly, so get your URL-clicking finger ready. On the Dell and Apple fronts, little has changed. The websites that explain exactly which battery models - and therefore which machines - are affected by the firms’ recalls remain the same: Dell's information page is over at www.dellbatteryprogram.com while Apple's can be found at www.apple.com/support/batteryexchange/. Fujitsu was next out of the blocks with a battery related promise of its own, however this hasn’t led to any firm information as yet. According to the firm’s October 3 press statement (published on Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ site at www.fujitsu-siemens.com), the company is currently ‘working with Sony’ to identity which of its laptops might be affected. However that’s all that’s been announced to date (bar that is an earlier press statement on www.fujitsu.com which gave details of particular Lifebook models. We’ve checked however, and Fujitsu’s people say to ignore that). Look out for more details as we receive them, on www.itp.net. As for Lenovo, the firm has recalled over half a million ThinkPad batteries, found in machines sold since February last year. Surf on over to www.lenovo.com/batteryprogram for details of which particular models are affected. The users that don’t need to worry are Hitachi notebook owners (yes, it turns out the firm does make laptops), because although the firm has recalled 16,000 batteries these are only thought to be in circulation in Japan. Over to Toshiba, and the firm is adamant that Sony’s fire-starting battery flaw doesn’t apply to the components in its machines (which I believe is, or will be, the case with Fujitsu’s products too), however last month Toshiba announced that a different Sony flaw could lead to some of its batteries struggling to charge properly or discharging and then running out of power. If you have a Toshiba Satellite, Satellite Pro or Tecra, purchased between March and May of this year, check out www.toshiba-europe.com/battery/. (Update: Toshiba has more recently told me that in the light of Sony's global battery replacement programme, it might soon err on the side of caution - despite being sure that none of its machines are by Sony's heat-related flaw - and update the recall web page above in coming weeks. If in any doubt, bookmark the link.) If you own a HP or Sony laptop, well, you seem to be safe. Sony’s Middle East spokesperson this week again confirmed to Windows that the batteries in its own Vaio laptops are not considered a danger, while HP Middle East’s spokesperson also recently said the same. As ever, if and when any other notebook vendors provide details of further recall schemes, you’ll find the relevant stories on itp.net. STOP PRESS! HAVE YOUR SAY! The Windows Awards 2006 are just around the corner (mid-November), which means we're about to ask each and every one of our 39,000 e-Windows readers to tell us what they really think! We want to know which products you rate, who's customer service is tops, and much more. We're just finishing off our online voting site right now, so I suggest you bookmark www.itp.net/windowsawards06 and check back there later this week. Thanks. ||**||

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