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PC gaming contests in the UAE have, to date, been largely one-off wonders or tiny in nature. However last weekend’s Windows Gaming Championship (a.k.a WGC) proved that the interest is definitely there to sustain a decent sized, seriously organised contest, so long as it’s, well, seriously organised and a decent size. What’s next for WGC then? That’s where you come in…

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By  Matthew Wade Published  June 28, 2006

|~||~||~|Here at Windows Middle East we've always had a sneaking suspicion that the UAE gaming community was bigger than events such as Samsung’s Cyber Games and the UAE round of the ESWC have managed to prove. Thankfully then, when we put our money (and energy) where our communal mouth was (namely by getting together with our valued sponsors and technical partners, and running last weekend’s WGC tourney at Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates), this theory gained the support we’d hoped, as a whopping 240 frenzied button bashers turned up to try and grab our multi-thousand dollar cash and product prizes. (FYI – check out the pics and WC3 vids here). That’s the trumpet blowing over with though, as I know that’s not why you’re reading this. Instead I would wager, were this a betting country, that the more cynical amongst you are musing, “And? So WGC worked? Now what?”. And I don’t blame you, so… Well first off, I’d love to be able to say, “Be here, at this time, for the next one…”, but that’s not quite how it goes. We’re not cash-in merchants looking to bring you an event each week for the next month, before disappearing forever; no sir, we want to make WGC a strong brand, in fact ‘the’ prime gaming event in the region. One worth practicing for. Ongoing improvement is key you see, which in turn is why your feedback, followed by a little considered thought on our part, is so important. During last weekend’s event you may have noticed myself and the Windows team, clipboards in hand, chatting to WGC gamers and noting down what we heard. (You may even have thought that was the definition of ‘sad’, which is a fair point, but bear with me for there was a reason…) We did this you see, to find out what you guys (and gaming gals too) thought was great about WGC and what you’d suggest we do differently. The venue for instance? It was the business, you said, in fact many of you got very excited about day two’s big-screen ‘live’ action (cue one quote on tbreak.com this week of: “I felt like I was on TV!”). The game format? Quake was great, Warcraft could be improved by playing it 1vs 1 or 2 vs 2 style. Duly noted. And the games? Well that’s where it got confusing. As you might expect, every gamer has their own point of view; but it still surprised us just how much these thoughts varied. We heard, “Unreal Tournament not Quake”, “Quake 3 not Quake 4”, “WC3 only, for a week straight”, “Need for Speed racing contests”, “Bring back Pacman” (I jest)… and on it went. Therefore, I would appreciate you filling out the Quick Poll shown on the e-Windows newsletter (which you clicked to get here). Your thoughts will be very useful to us as we get busy planning the next WGC event. Get your gaming friends to subscribe to this newsletter (they should click here) and that way we can grab their feedback as well. The more the merrier, as they say. (Alternatively, whiz me your more specific thoughts direct, by hitting me on windows@itp.com). Thanks for now then, and for last weekend. Here’s to the next one! ||**||

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