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If you're about to buy an expensive fax machine, hold on. Don’t you know you can send and receive faxes using Windows XP ? For the low-down on faxing the XP way, read on…

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By  Cleona Godinho Published  April 1, 2006

|~|mainfaxpic.jpg|~||~|To begin sending and receiving faxes in XP, you'll first have to install fax functionality. To do this, click Control Panel/Add or Remove programs followed by 'Add/Remove Windows components'. Next, check the 'Fax services' box and click 'Next' to install the component. (Note: you'll need your Windows XP installation CD for this). The next step involves configuring the fax service, which takes place in the Fax Console area. Click Start/ Programs/Accessories/Communications/Fax, followed by Fax Console. Next, click Tools menu/Configure Fax. This will open up a Wizard. On the 'Sender Information' tab include your details along with your fax number (your home or office number). On the 'Select Device for Sending and Receiving Faxes' tab your modem will be selected. Here, be sure to specify send and receive options and whether you'll manually or automatically answer incoming faxes. Now, on the 'Transmitting Subscriber Identification' (TSID) and 'Called Subscriber Identification' (CSID) section, enter your name and fax number once again. This section is important if you plan to use third-party fax software, as most fax software packages use TSIDs to determine where to redirect any incoming faxes. On the Routing Options tab, specify how incoming faxes will be handled. By default, all faxes are stored automatically in the Fax Console section, but you can also direct faxes to be stored on your local PC or a network machine. Now that you've configured your fax software, you can try it out by sending a test fax. If you're faxing a Microsoft Office document, simply navigate to the File menu and click on File/Send To/Fax Recipient. If you're sending a fax from a non-office program, go to the Print option and select Fax in the Print Name field. This will open the Send Fax Wizard. Dial and you’re done To enter a recipient's fax number, click Address Book, and select one or more recipients. Notice that this address book is tied to your Outlook e-mail account. If however you don't have fax numbers stored here, you can manually enter the recipient's number and details. The next section in the Wizard covers dialling rules. If you need to dial an extra digit to get an outside line or dial an area code for another city, add those here. Also, pay close attention to how you enter the telephone numbers. If the fax number is not entered properly then dialling rules won't be applied, which means your fax relay will fail. For example, if you're located in Riyadh and wish to fax someone in Dubai, enter the number +971 (4) 777-8456. Once you're done setting the dialling rules, choose a cover sheet if you so desire. Next, specify when the fax needs to be sent and its priority. Finally, you'll be presented with a screen on which to view all the details of your fax. Review it carefully, hit OK and your fax or faxes will be sent. To view a received fax, go to the Fax Console/Inbox, and then double-click an entry to see the fax. Voila!||**||

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