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The biggest problem with the internet is simply the number of sites there are to check out. However you needn’t spend hours hunting out useful pages as Windows Middle East has done the leg work for you. Introducing our round-up of the year...

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By  Matthew Wade Published  October 11, 2005

The biggest problem with the internet is simply the number of sites there are to check out. However you needn’t spend hours hunting out useful pages as Windows Middle East has done the leg work for you. Introducing our round-up of the year... Ryze is a business networking site that creates a free personalised networking page for each user. You can further tailor this page by adding your profile and contact details. You can also send messages to other members and join networks specifically related to your industry, interests or location, thus helping you strike new business deals and maybe find a new role through business networking events.||**|||~|indexuae.jpg|~||~|Are you looking for distributors to sell your products? Save yourself the hassle of rummaging through giant business directories for partners and instead jump onto The site has an online database of companies and web sites neatly arranged under catgeroies such as business and economy, entertainment, health and shopping. These categories are also regularly updated in an effort to weed out dead links.||**|||~|UAEMALL.jpg|~||~|If you’d like to open an online store to sell your wares, head over to This site allows users to set-up 'Auction Stores', whereby you can list more than 100 items (with images). You’ll even get a personalised web site domain name and e-mail - all of which starts from a fee of $55 a year. Should you want more features and have a little more cash available, the site offers five different rental plans.||**|||~|IMDB.jpg|~||~|This project started as a hobby but has since morphed into the largest movie database on the internet. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is a massive collection of movie information, which catalogues every pertinent detail about a movie, such as naming the actors and film crew, filming locations, and even showing you where you can find online reviews and fan sites. Started by a bunch of movie fans, this site is actually now a part of||**|||~|Miniclip.jpg|~||~| is the one of the world's largest web sites dedicated to both single and multiplayer online games. Miniclip allows you to play for prize money and you can download some fun games too. Most games on the site are based on Shockwave technology (so obviously your PC needs to have the Shockwave player installed). You can also sign-up for’s weekly games e-newsletter, which details the newest games available on the site.||**|||~|Gamespot.jpg|~||~|Launched in May 1996, has quickly grown into one of the world's best online resources for PC gaming enthusiasts. The web site features highly respected reviews, news, free game downloads and trials, cheat codes - almost anything and everything related to gaming. Whether you’re after demo versions to try out or expert advice to help you solve your gaming issues, this site should be your first port of call. Registration is quick and free.||**|| entertainment|~|Ananova.jpg|~||~|This web site lists the very latest celebrity news stories. Pure and simple, that’s it. Whether the said celeb is a recently dumped Hollywood type airing their gripes, or a musician looking to plug their latest long player, they’re all here. Few pictures, not much text, just gossip and lots of it - as it happens. ||**|||~|iVillage.jpg|~||~|Written by women, for women iVillage provides friendly advice on everything from getting in shape and finding a new job or car, to getting out of debt, eating healthily and staying beautiful. You can share your views or doubts via the site’s online message boards, find your way to your man’s heart through his stomach by learning new recipes, or simply share chat and gossip with women from around the world.||**|||~|mens-health.jpg|~||~| is a one-stop source for male health and lifestyle information. This site is the online version of the popular US and UK monthly magazine and includes articles and talkboards related to fitness, health, sex and life. The site also contains tools such as health tests, a heatlhy eating recipe finder, exercise videos, a health dictionary and lots more. You can even sign-up for the site’s free weekly newsletter to get the latest health news in your inbox.||**|||~|Web-MD.jpg|~||~|This site makes diagnosing health problems a cinch. This flash-based online tool lets users point and click body portions on the main animation to access a database of health questions and their possible solutions. Users can also check out the site’s Medical Library to access online tests, wellness topics, drugs and herbs. You can even choose to sign-up for the site’s daily newsletter.||**|||~|Kids-Health.jpg|~||~| contains all the information you ever wanted to know about children and how to make sure they stay well. With separate areas for kids, teens, and parents (each with its own design, age-appropriate content, and tone), the site provides doctor-approved information from pre-birth through to adolescence. The site’s weekly newsletter also adds more health information and quick tips.||**|||~|Framley-Examiner.jpg|~||~|The Framely Examiner is a phony newspaper from the small (and imaginary) English town of Framley. The site presents this electronic newspaper’s news and advertisements, all written with a certain amount of tongue in cheek. This site, the creation of four humour-laden school friends, is also available in paperback book form. If dry wit and surreal laughs are your thing, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without this one.||**|||~|The-Onion.jpg|~||~|The Onion regards itself as “the world's most popular humour periodical” and this US creation certainly has a somewhat saucy take on world events, human behaviour, and journalistic convention. The site contains a huge collection of funny news stories written in a way that might just leave you in stitches. You can even access the site using your handheld or subcribe to the weekly Onion Dispatch newsletter for yet more oddities in your inbox.||**|||~|Humour-Net.jpg|~||~|Laugh your heart out at this site that claims to offer more than a 100 funny images and 1,000 jokes. The jokes are divided into categories such as animal, answerphone (messages), insults, lawyers and much more. Click on the ‘Funny Downloads’ link and you’ll also be presented with a huge list of prank software to download for free. You can even subcribe to Humournet’s free newsletter for a daily dose of laughs.||**|| www.thingsmygirlfriendand|~|things-that.jpg|~||~|Quite a mouthful, but in the words of one famous British product ad, this site ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. In other words, it contains the hilarious ramblings of Mil. His German girlfriend Margret is quite a one and these two seem able to argue about anything and everything. This huge long scroll of a site then is simply Mil’s observations of their behaviour and it’s beautifully written; so much so that Mil has had his thoughts turned into a couple of novels. A perfect weekend read.||**|||~|So-You-Wanna.jpg|~||~| teaches you how to do all those things that nobody taught you in school. Yes, that’s right, the site has a brilliant collection of ‘do-it-yourself’ guides covering topics like how to decorate your apartment, buying consumer electronics items, being a model, having a gender change operation (!), paying off your student loans and much, much more.||**|||~|Wikipedia.jpg|~||~|Have you come across a word or a topic that you just couldn’t make head nor tail of? And your dictionary didn’t help? Jump online to and find out for yourself. This online encyclopaedia - part of the Wikimedia Foundation - currently features close to 20,00,000 articles in around 200 languages currently. The site is constantly updated by volunteer editors around the globe and if you like, you can be one too.||**|||~|Learnthat.jpg|~||~|If you’re looking for free web-based tutorials, you won’t want to miss out on this one. is one of the best web sites to offer free online courses and tutorials. These cover business, certification, computers, finance, house, and lifestyle areas. If you’re struggling with technical jargon, you should visit’s ‘definitions’ section to get in the know.||**|||~|Good-Tutorials.jpg|~||~|If you’re a budding designer or photo editor with a copy of Adobe Photoshop and time on your hands, you can learn a trick or two at This web site offers up over 8,000 free Photoshop tutorials, from using special lighting effects, to brushed wallpapers and making sprites. Definitely worth a click or two - just be prepared to lose a lot of hours! ||**|||~|Football365.jpg|~||~|If David Beckham is your sporting inspiration, should be your home. This site focusses on the world’s most loved sport by providing the latest football news, team information and live scores. The site also features an online forum where you can discuss your thoughts on everything from dire performances to transfer fees. You can also win some cool football memorabilia by participating in regular competitions.||**|| |~|cricinfo.jpg|~||~|If you eat, sleep and drink cricket, is a site you shouldn’t miss. Part of The Wisden Group, the site covers each and every cricket match on the planet, providing live scores plus all the latest related news. If you like to follow your favourite team’s tours around the globe, also look out for the travel info on offer. There’s even an online shop.||**|||~|Sportsline.jpg|~||~|If you have an interest in sports other than cricket and football, is definitely worth surfing along to. Part of CBS Digital Media, this site provides information on sports from rugby, golf and basketball to baseball, F1 and cycling. SportsLine also has an online shop, where you can buy sports mechandise, plus you can sign-up to Sportsline’s free daily and weekly e-newsletters.||**|||~|SportingLife.jpg|~||~|Very Western European in feel, this site is choc-a-block full of the latest news and scores covering a huge range of sports. Horse racing, cricket, rugby (union and league), Formula One, tennis and even greyhound racing get a look-in. There’s also a selection of games for your enjoyment, a shop and various sporting competitions to enter. The ‘Fanzine’ section also includes some well-written and aptly considered articles.||**|||~|ITP.jpg|~||~|How could we forget your favourite technology web site? Available in both English and Arabic versions, is the region’s largest source for everything technological, be it the latest industry and products news, full-length kit reviews or features spanning a range of issues and publications. Subscribe to our newsletters for the latest comment and bag yourself cool kit via our many competitions.||**|||~|hsw.jpg|~||~|What came first, the chicken or the egg? A difficult question, but has an answer to it. The brainchild of Marshall Brain, this site provides clear and reliable explanations of how everything around us actually does what it’s supposed to. The site contains simple explanations and flash-based diagrams for almost every question you can think of. Well worth a visit.||**|||~|Computer-History.jpg|~||~| contains details about how computers came into being and subsequently changed the way we work, live and play. The site contains images a plenty and detailed information on visible storage, timeline, internet history and microprocessors, all accessible through the 'Exhibits' link. The ‘This day in history’ link is cool too, as it shows you a snapshot of an invention made on the current date, only years ago. ||**|||~|engadget.jpg|~||~|One of the best free web magazines around, Engadget covers everything new in the world of gadgets and consumer electronics and is updated each day. The site inlcudes a podcast section, where you can download free podcasts to get your daily technology dose on the move. Tag the site's RSS feeds to get news directly to your desktop through a news aggregator such as RSS Reader or just sign-up for its free newsletter to get the latest gadget goss in your inbox.||**|||~|XE.jpg|~||~|Convert US dollars to AED in a jiffy with - perhaps the best online universal currency converter we’ve found. The site uses the latest market exchange rates and supports more than 180 currencies for conversion. The site also provides a ‘Currency Update Service’ that sends currency rates by e-mail to subscribers every day. A professional-grade currency data service is also available should you need exchange rates for commercial use.||**|||~|Freewebs.jpg|~||~|Need a free web site? Then head on down to, which has been providing free web space for the past four years. The site also features an easy-to-use site building tool, which can help you create your very own site in just 20 minutes flat. If you're an experienced user, you can instead choose to use the site's file manager, which allows you to upload your professionally designed web site from your own PC.||**|||~|Boot-Disk.jpg|~||~| offers tips, tweaks, files, bootdisks, instructions, utilities, links, patches and updates for all types of computer systems, most of which are created and uploaded by volunteers. The site also publishes a PC tech-letter called ‘The BootLIST’, which can be subscribed to for free and addresses some of the most commonly asked Windows and PC hardware issues.||**|||~||~||~|CNET's is a library of more than 30,000 free and trial software programs for Windows, Macintosh, and all sorts of handheld devices. All the programs on the site are simply categorised - multimedia, security, productivity etc - and you can also download legal MP3 files. As a means of picking up those little-used but essential apps (MP3 tag editors, Paint Shop Pro and so on) , this web site just can’t be beat.||**||

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