Trilogy makes sound investment

Trilogy, Madinat Jumeirah’s newest addition to Dubai’s nightlife, claims to have a sound system that is like no other club in the emirate. Digital Studio looks at the specialities of the nightclub’s audio solution.

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By  Vijaya Cherian Published  October 21, 2004

I|~|dmatt.jpg|~|Matthew Brownfield of Almoe.|~|Trilogy, Dubai’s newest nightclub, was launched late last month to the public. In a highly competitive nightclub scene, Madinat Jumeirah’s new venue hopes to brings its clients back again and again with a sophisticated audio and lighting system that promises to give people something they have never experienced in other night clubs in Dubai. The system is part of Madinat Jumeirah’s investment in a comprehensive, US $2million audio-visual solution for all of its various venues including the Mina A’Salam and Al Qasr hotels, its conference and banqueting rooms, its spa and the Madinat souq, the resort’s retail centre. The audio solution in most of the resort’s venues has been designed to enable the control and management of background music while the nightclub has very different requirements and, therefore, different systems. While the rest of the resort’s venues use a Peavey Media Matrix digital audio solution, the nightclub uses BSS Soundwebs. “The BSS audio system is much better for processing live systems while the Peavey Media Matrix lends itself very well to background music solutions,” explains Matthew Brownfield, general manager of Almoe International. Almoe has been responsible for the audio-visual systems integration at the site for the last two years, when the Madinat Jumeirah resort was in the process of being constructed. “You don’t need remote control functionality here and you also don’t require the expandability that the Peavey Media Matrix gives you,” continues Brownfield. “Rather, what you need is a much higher level of signal processing and you need the inputs and outputs locally rather than on the network,” he adds. Six BSS Sound webs and a four-channel audio hard drive called i-merge linked to a Crestron system controls the main stacks and background music relay systems for the nightclub, which includes a VIP club and bar above and a jazz club below. The three venues are interlinked so that they have the facility to play whatever is available in each of the other DJ booths as well. Owing to the fact that the three club zones are placed so close to one another, it was imperative that there be ample acoustic padding in each of them so that it could assist the actual audio qualities within the room while also drowning out music from the other venues. ||**||II|~||~||~|“Since there are three different club zones here operating different audio levels and different styles of music, the last thing you want to do when you are listening to jazz down below, is to hear the thump of what’s going on up here,” explains Brownfield. “That’s why we have extensive soundproofing here.” A look inside Trilogy also reveals very high ceilings. Brownfield explains that this construction is deliberate. “Night clubs are known for blowing speakers up. We have tried to put enough head room into this place so that the DJ doesn’t damage the speakers by overdriving them,” Brownfield explains. “We have also built in protection into the Soundwebs so that the DJ can’t overdrive the system. At some point, one of the systems will give up and we’ll have a problem. But we are hoping that we have put enough speakerage in here and we won’t have to come in too often,” he adds. There are also the usual lighting and smoke systems including the Martin Mac 300s, CX4s and Atomic strobes. There are also 100 colour-changing LED fixtures in the club to light up the club’s rooftop dome. Each of these LED fixtures have a life span of 10,000 hours as opposed to normal colour-changing lights that require servicing every three months. “Once we have them all up and running, we shouldn’t have to service them more than once every twelve months,” explains Brownfield. The main dance floor is equipped with EAW DC3 loudspeakers on each of its columns and Electro Voice 4.2 ceiling speakers. The whole resort is equipped with about 1000 of these speakers that were supplied by local distributor, NMK Electronics. There are also six DCS8 subwoofers under the DJ booth, which houses Pioneer mixers, CD players and Technics SL1200 turntables. DJ Charlie, who has lived in Dubai since 1988 and played at several clubs in Dubai, says that he can quite confidently call this the best club in Dubai. “The club is well laid out. The systems are all well known brands and I will enjoy working with them,” says Charlie. “I know that I have got the extra volume on a Thursday night to say ‘alright… if you want a little bit more, I can give it to you’. All I have to do is push the volume up just a fraction and that gives me that extra edge. Otherwise, at 11 pm, when you are busy, you have absolutely nothing to give them,” he continues. “There’s no point in having made such a big investment without having a sound system that people can feel as well as hear. Only a few places and a few companies have been able to do this. Almoe luckily was given the budget to do it and it has accomplished it easily.” ||**||

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