Arabian Business Weekly Update 3rd August 2004

A new management technique to expose corporate liars has been developed. We should all be worried.

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By  Anil Bhoyrul Published  August 2, 2004

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The truth is I lied

Ask yourself a very simple question. How many lies have you told today? Be honest. Will those sales revenues really be quite as good as you said they would be? Will that pay review you promised your staff ever happen? Was that night out last Thursday really as good as you claimed? Did the receptionist actually make your day “just by being alive?” The fact is, we are all liars in some way. At some stage in the last few hours, you told a lie of some sort. A big one, a small one, a not very important one. Whichever way you look at it, you lied. The problem is that all liars – which is everyone reading this - may soon need to be on their guard. For a new management technique is sweeping the Middle East, one that could make all our lives rather tricky. Developed by Avanti management consultant Dr. Issam Daoud, it is a scientific method that uses several methods to spot whether a person is lying or not. It involves analyzing the length of time that elapses between words in a spoken sentence. The success rate is reported to be an incredible 94% when tested in board meetings. Contractors over pricing a project and developers over promising the earth have been caught red handed. I have been shown actual case studies, and liars at the highest level of corporations have been exposed. I am not suggesting for a moment that this in any way makes them evil, or even wrong. Lying is part of the process of corporate living. But if the Avanti method to spot liars catches on, corporate Middle East could soon be very different. Just think of all the contractual claims for extra payment currently being made on some of Dubai’s biggest construction projects. There is no doubt that some of the winning tenders would have been exposed as absurdly over optimistic if the Avanti test had been available then. I can think of several specific examples, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about naming them. Maybe next week I will. Actually, that’s a lie as well. ||**||

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