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Sun’s CDP model, piloted in the UAE, is about to go EMEA-wide. Philippe Weppe, enterprise mid-market & channel director, Sun Microsystems EMEA explains the success

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By  Mark Sutton Published  May 4, 2003

|~||~||~|Sun’s CDP model, piloted in the UAE, is about to go EMEA-wide. Philippe Weppe, enterprise mid-market & channel director, Sun Microsystems EMEA explains the success

CME: The Channel Development Partner (CDP) concept has been operating in the Middle East for some time, has it been a success?

Philippe Weppe: Two to three years ago we learnt from the market that we had to increase our coverage model. With the temperature of the economy, we could not invest or double the size of the company, but we wanted to establish clearly, a route to market model, and the business value proposition to our partners. So we decided to build the concept in Dubai, with Tech Access [as CDP], this model of master reselling with strong value-add in terms of solution portfolio, the iForce solution centre, demand creation and engagement model and a good profitability model, for Sun, our partners and master resellers. And it works.

Now it has been decided that in the entire EMEA region, we will have this concept of master resellers with solutions expertise.

CME: Will this mean more partners being appointed as CDPs?

Weppe: No—less. Because of the profitability model we have economies of scale, so what we want in all of EMEA is less than two-digit partners. We are not in the commodity market. Partners are investing a lot of energy and I want them to be profitable, it should be a win-win situation. I see a strong development for MEA around the concept of one CDP for MEA. This will fit with the requirement of the model of execution.

We might change partners. I am very interested in recruiting Cisco partners, for the N1 concept—N1 is the first reality of the network is the computer, and Cisco [partners] understand the network.

CME: So what else does the channel model need?

Weppe: The next step is industry specific partners, because that is how we see the solutions. These partners have to understand the specific industry—let’s say a retail company—they will have to have an infrastructure that fits to their type of business. It is quick, it is cheap, they do margin on the rotation of their products, and on the speed between their purchase order and their delivery to the customer, so they will have all kind of infrastructure services to deliver products at the right price to the customer.

CME: Will there be restrictions on the number of vertical partners?

Weppe: My answer is very simple. If the profitablility model of each partner allows us to have many partners, then I will go for many partners; if the profitability model does not fit for many partners then I will go for less partners.

CME: How will these partners be managed?

Weppe: We are just announcing a full Sun Microsystem multi-business unit and multi-department contract, so one single reseller will have one single contract with us, representing the entire Sun Microsystems offering and their specialisation.

CME: And what about certification of these partners?

Weppe: We need certification for customer satisfaction, the right representation in front of end users, and because of channel conflict, but we want to simplify the type of certification. Now we have different types of certification, we have product certification, solution specialisation and services specialisation. More or less all the training is web-based training, it is easy, and if there is a cost it is reimbursed by the Sun marketing funding programme for partner training.

CME: Don’t customers want to see Sun involved in the deal?

Weppe: I run an operation with about 120 sales reps, who are developing the enterprise and mid-market without taking one single order direct. We do the pull and the push with partners. We run solutions days on a regular basis. We want to face many customers, it is Sun, with our major partners, within a vertical solution agenda. Here it is done at the iForce centre with Tech Access. We do this, then we focus our sales people to help the partners on specific deals.

CME: Are there times where Sun will still go direct?

Weppe: Each time where we can guarantee customer satisfaction and the right service level based on performance, availability and security to any customers via the channel, we go channel. Sometimes the reseller cannot commit, for reason of geographical position or strict demands from the end user. but we have no restrcitions on sales unless it is customer satisfaction and service levels. We do more or less 100% through our partners.||**||

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