E-recruitment expands job opportunities

Recruitment has always been a time consuming and paper intensive process. But online recruitment agencies are looking to remove the headaches associated with finding the right person or job.

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By  Zoe Moleshead Published  April 29, 2001

Page 1|~||~||~|Recruitment has always been a time consuming and paper intensive process. But online recruitment agencies are looking to remove the headaches associated with finding the right person or job. Appealing to both active and passive job seekers, recruitment web sites save companies and job hunters both time and money. Online recruitment is not just restricted to specific web sites either, many major companies are using some form of e-recruitment, enabling candidates to e-mail their CVs to the human resources department.

Since going live at Gitex last November, Bayt.com has registered over 40,000 job seekers and 2200 employers in its six months online, and currently has 3000 jobs available representing 64 different industries.

According to Mona Ataya, vice president of marketing at Bayt.com, the benefits of job hunting online include confidentiality, manageability, flexibility and time and cost savings. “Bayt.com enables job seekers to search through a comprehensive list of current jobs, as well as keeping track of the jobs they apply for and notifying them when companies have read their CV or want to get in touch with them,” says Ataya.

Online recruitment services are also free to job seekers, it is the companies that pay for the use of the services. But its not all bad news for the companies, claims Ataya. “We are saving employers 90% of their recruitment costs.”

Tarek Amin, marketing director of CareerMidEast.com, says flexibility and customer feedback and assessment are also key to the success of online recruitment sites for both the employer and job hunter. “With traditional recruitment processes, you can’t change your advert once it has gone out, but with online recruitment sites it’s a dynamic process,” says Amin. “If you feel you put a low job salary [on the advert] and you’re not getting a response, then you can change that and see what the feedback is then.”

In terms of the job hunter, both bayt.com and CareerMidEast.com provide career advice services ranging from how to create CVs to general career enquiries.
CareerMidEast began life as CareerEgypt two years ago, but has since expanded into 12 other countries in the Middle East in June last year. The move has proved successful; with the site registering 115,000 job seekers, and currently offering 5,500 active company profiles and 4,000 vacant positions.

“We have aided in the recruitment of more than 5,000 people in two years, and for some of that time we were only CareerEgypt.com,” proclaims Amin.

||**||Page 2|~||~||~|E-recruitment is becoming a part of corporate strategy with increasing numbers of companies setting aside budgets for online recruiting. According to Forrester Research 60% of Fortune 500 companies are using online recruiting as their primary job search tool.

As more businesses move towards e-recruitment the key to success and survival for the recruitment web sites will be the quality of services they offer, a fact that both CareerMidEast.com and Bayt.com realise.

CareerMidEast.com has developed a ‘job agent’ to increase the personalisation of its services, and to notify job seekers by e-mail when positions are posted that are compatible to their job criteria. The job agent is again a time saving tool, minimising the need to search through the job database.

Bayt.com has recently teamed up with Arabia.com to expand its market for potential job seekers, and will be offering a range of ‘lifestyle engineering’ services in the forthcoming months. The aim of these services is to provide job seekers with news, lifestyle, work style and education information, and to enable them to make more informed career decisions.

“If you are offered a job in Kuwait, you might want to know what shopping in Kuwait is like, what are the best schools and so on,” says Ataya. “Under these sections you will be able to get that information, in news sections or discussion forums.”

Recruitment consultants, Clarendon Parker have also recognised the benefits of online recruitment, but maintain their core strength as a consultancy firm. Although Clarendon Parker intends to extend its web services, online recruitment offers the company an additional way to find raw material [people]. But the real value to both employer and job seeker is the additional procedures it offers.

“Our value to the client is not just our Clarendon Parker database, its also the fact we interview, screen, reference check and can psychologically assess candidates,” says Patrick Luby, director and general manager, Clarendon Parker, Middle East.

As online recruitment sites continue to multiply in numbers these ‘value-added’ services may well prove crucial to their long time survival. Although e-recruitment addresses the initial phase of job hunting and applications the challenge is to go beyond the virtual value, and prove the value of the initial contact.

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