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ACCPAC and Bayt's tieup should mean more people get trained on ACCPAC and more users visit the Bayt site

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By  David Ingham Published  November 4, 2003

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Bayt, the online recruitment service, and ACCPAC, a maker of accounting software, are providing an example of how the online and offline worlds can work together for mutual benefit. Visitors to the Bayt site can now sign up for ACCPAC certified accounting courses for $250 as opposed to the standard ACCPAC fee of $1000.

"There are around 300 companies that use ACCPAC solutions in the region and our clients and partners need personnel skilled to handle our accounting software," said Marc Van der Ven, general manager of ACCPAC Middle East.
"By signing up with Bayt, we can help job seekers get trained on ACCPAC software - this will improve their skill sets and make them more eligible for accounting jobs on offer. We hope to create a community of accountants familiar with our software," he added.

According to Van der Ven, courses currently on offer via the Bayt site include a basic multimedia accounting programme as well as a specialised consultancy programme. For ACCPAC, the tieup represents a way to encourage more people to become certified in its accounting packages. For Bayt, it means 'added value' for its users and, hopefully, more traffic to its site.

"By partnering with providers of certificatied education programmes, we help job seekers improve their prospects," explained Rabea Ataya, chief executive officer of "We make professional learning opportunities available via our portal so as to make Bayt a marketplace for educational opportunities as well."

Ataya says the portal will very soon launch a Bayt learning section offering a whole host of certifications, from typing to university degrees. The technology and the staff needed for it are already in place, he adds.
ACCPAC courses are currently being offered in English and Van der Ven says an Arabic version of the training programme will be made available in the future.

"This is a win-win programme for accountants and clients. Middle Eastern companies will have more qualified people to tap into for their staffing requirements," he enthused. Both companies say the new tie-up has generated tremendous interest in the market and 150 people had signed up for training programmes by the middle of October. Bayt claims that it has seen a 45% increase in employers using its services and an 81% increase in job seekers over the last 12 months.

In other internet-related news, Emirates Internet's consumer portal,, has done a deal with AFP to increase its range of English and Arabic content. The two already work together but the agreement takes the tieup fruther.

New material on offer will range from human interest stories to coverage of international affairs.

"With their global footprint and reputation for integrity in disseminating news, AFP is in a prime position to supply the bilingual content we need for our users," says Abdulla Hashim, senior manager of business development and sales, Emirates Internet & Multimedia. "This relationship will help to further position apart from the Middle East portal competition when it comes to gathering local, regional and international news."

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