Fake Gigabyte motherboards flood the market

Counterfeit copies of Gigabyte's 8IR2003 motherboard and several other models have been found on sale across the region

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By  Mark Sutton Published  July 29, 2003

Gigabyte is warning resellers and consumers that there are a number of counterfeit motherboards in the market that are being passed off as genuine Gigabyte products.

The vendor has begun an awareness campaign to try to educate users of the differences between the real and fake motherboards and is also taking steps to track down the manufacturers and importers.

There are several different models of boards that have been copied, namely the 8IR2003 and 8IE800, which have been found in a number of countries around the region.

In some markets the penetration of the fakes is so severe that fakes actually lead the market in terms of numbers sold. Iran has particular problems with fakes, as does Egypt and Syria.
Gigabyte is warning that the boards have been assembled using low quality components. This gives most boards a life of only two or three months before users can expect a malfunction due to burn-out. The counterfeit boards are also non-compatible with high clock speed processors and some brands of RAM.

The awareness campaign is meant to help resellers and end users spot counteferit boards, and the vendor is warning that any reseller that had bought fakes will not be covered by Gigabyte’s waranty. The vendor will also take legal action against importers of the boards, and is working to find the manufacturer of the boards, mostly likely a Chinese company specialising in fakes.

Resellers have been sent mailshots and flyers to illustrate the differences between the boards, which include missing Gigabyte branding on the AGP slot, iTE chip and Polyfuses, and no crack-proof IDE slots. The fake board also only has two phase power instead of three phase, and four piece MOSFET rather than six.

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