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By  Administrator Published  November 30, 2006

When I went to open up a bunch of my documents the other day, some of them appeared with this little dollar sign before the name of the document, omitting the first two letters of the file name. What does this mean?

The file you’re describing is a hidden temporary file, which is created when you have a document or file open. It’s where all the new data you type sits until you save your changes.

Sometimes these files stay on your system even after you close your original, or if the system crashes when your document is open. If you don’t have any documents open, then you can just delete them.

I’ve been using Norton Firewall for the past year, and it will be out of date soon. I was wondering if it was worth buying a new one for another year, or is it better to download the free version of Zone Alarm? Will Zone Alarm’s free version be better and safer overall?
A friend of mine told me that he has had Zone Alarm running on his PC for the last two years and it has given him no trouble at all. What do you think?

Your decision is more a matter of personal choice than anything else. The reason why firms such as Symantec encourage you to upgrade is because the latest version of Norton Firewall will boast added features and functionality, and may well offer better ways of protecting your PC. Having said that, your PC would arguably be just as safe if you were to go for the free version of Zone Alarm. The only difference between the two is that free versions of security software tend not to have as many features as paid-for ones. For instance, the free version of Zone Alarm doesn’t let you view which apps you allow to the internet and which ones you’ve blocked. This kind of functionality is kept for the paid-for version.

I‘m currently using XP and wish to install a new printer. Do I need to remove my old one first?
No you don’t. XP supports multiple printers, so you can install the new printer without removing the old one. If you really want to axe the old one, navigate to Start/Settings/Printers. Next, right-click the printer you want to eliminate and select ‘Delete’ from the resulting menu. That’s it.

I recently sent an e-mail and then realised that I had included the wrong time for a meeting. Is there any way I can recall this e-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2003?

Yes there is. First, go to the Sent Items folder, find the message you want recalled and double-click on it. Navigate to the ‘Actions’ menu and select ‘Recall This Message’.

To recall the message, select Delete unread copies of this message. (Note: the recipient needs to have Outlook opened for the message to be deleted). To replace the message, select ‘Delete unread copies and replace with a new message’, click OK and type your new message. To be sure, check the ‘Tell me if recall succeeds or fails for each recipient’ box and click OK again.

I’m an avid gamer and was wondering just how much of a difference a faster hard disk would make to my playing experience. Some of my friends say there won’t be any difference, while others say a quick hard drive will make for a much better experience. What do you think?

On one hand, a faster hard drive will be able to load levels faster, and if you’re playing online this could mean you’ll get on the map before your competitors. However, as a hard disk is needed only occasionally to load data into RAM, you may see little or no difference with less demanding games. If you have a 7200rpm hard disk already, you could opt for Western Digital’s 10000rpm Raptor X (see pic) because it’s not worth spending on faster SCSI drives only for gaming. Also, don’t miss this month’s SATA hard drive grouptest on page 39 for more options.

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