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If you’re struggling with popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo and fancy giving lesser-known search engines a chance, stay tuned as we unveil eight great alternatives that specialise in images, blogs, recipes and much, much more...

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By  Published  July 31, 2006

Clusty is a metasearch engine, which means it combines results from a variety of
search engines.

However, Clusty adds a bit of extra search engine goodness to the mix by giving you clustered results.

These are extra search suggestions that are arranged by category.

For example, if you type in ‘coffee’, Clusty responds with clustered results to the left of the main page such as Tea, Espresso, History of Coffee and so on.

Looking for a great image search engine? Try Ditto. recently announced that it has 500 million pictures in its image search (and counting).

The results page is clean and uncluttered, and underneath each thumbnail image is the original source link along with the size of the original image.

Click on a picture and you’re taken to the original image source in a new browser window.

The Windows verdict: a great alternative to Google Images. is an automated question-answering search engine.

Here’s how it goes: you type in a question and instead of merely matching your search query in page text and titles like other search engines, BrainBoost actually goes the next logical step and sorts through the search results for you, then extracts the best answer to your question.

In short, BrainBoost is perfect for quick answers to relatively straightforward questions or initial reference searches.

Blinkx TV is a search engine that allows you to search for audio, video, and podcasts using not only keywords and phrases, but also content in the actual clips that you're looking for.

For example, if you wanted to find Kermit the Frog’s ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ tune, you could type in ‘having to spend each day the colour of the leaves’, and Blinkx will be able to find your data using not only your content, but the concept behind your content - the spoken word (or in this case, the lyrics).


Dogpile is a meta search engine, meaning that it gets results from multiple search engines and directories and presents them as one set of results.

Dogpile currently gets its results from Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, Ask , About, LookSmart and more.

Every search result brings you to a page that lists the combined results with the relevant search engines shown on the top of the page.

By clicking these search name buttons you can check out the search results of that particular engine.

Great stuff.

FoodieView is a recipe search engine that hunts through over 175,000 recipes from all different kinds of sources, including, Martha Stewart Recipes, and many more.

One feature that is especially cool is that you can use FoodieView to clean out your fridge.

For instance, let’s say you have chicken, ranch dressing, and instant rice in your kitchen, and you’d like to make a dish with these items.

Simply type in the ingredients into the search field and you'll be provided with a number of different recipes you can make.

This is a Bit Torrent search engine. Isohunt does not host files; it only helps you find files, and therefore is a completely legal service.

One Isohunt forum thread reads: “IsoHunt crawls several torrent sites, and when you search for torrents here, you get links to HTML pages on these sites where the.

Torrent files can be found.”

Finding Bit Torrent files on Isohunt is made even easier by viewing the Isohunt Zeitgeist, which is a list of top search phrases used at is quite simply one of the most useful and fun audio file search engines we’ve come across.

There are only a handful of dedicated sound search engines out there, and this site is definitely the cream of the crop.

Using the site you can narrow down exactly what kind of sound file you’re looking for using search filters that include file formats, the number of channels, minimum sound resolution, minimum sample rate, and maximum file size.

This engine is perfect for budding DJs then and those looking to create their
own music.

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