Whittling IT down

Best-of-breed or a one-stop-shop IT solution? It's a conversation that refuses to go away.

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By  Administrator Published  June 6, 2007

MH: It is absolutely critical that there are choices. Choices bring about healthy competition, improved service and technology, and most important of all, it gives customer an alternative, which is vital.

The vendors would also benefit by always needing to innovate and not be complacent, making an even playing fields, so companies that succeed do so on their merits.

IK: Choice and flexibility are key to the survival of innovation in IT. Without competition there would be no choice and this would limit the capacity of customers to drive innovative technologies that benefit their business needs. This would result in them having a limited capacity to grow, diversify etc. It is very, very, very important to have choice!

IC: This is the easiest question we've had so far. Choice equals competition equals innovation equals best solutions equals quality. Without choice we have the gruel from Oliver Twist for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. And obviously cost is a major benefit as far as this is cocerned.

ACN: What are the unique business benefits that your systems and solutions offer?

RT: Avaya is the company driving intelligent communications for businesses in the Middle East, and we are finding that customers are incredibly receptive to the mobility and productivity story that we have here. What is also convincing for enterprises are our fantastic customer references from a number of industries and markets in the region.

MH: Sphere Networks' mission is to provide a real and viable alternative to meet networking management needs. At Sphere Networks we want to give control back to the administrator, by providing a flexible, extendable solution with an unmatched ease of use and time to functionality.

At the start it was not easy, but when our customers saw and touched our product they easily realised the immediate benefit of our solutions. In the past, enterprises either paid an arm and a leg for bloated, legacy solutions that required a PhD to use, or suffered without a solution. Today, we have taken that pain away.

IK: The main advantages cannot be unique. We supply standards driven products which are tested for interoperability and integration with our own products and technologies as well as others. There are some key features like reliability, support, performance and built-in innovations, which do not affect interoperability. This differentiates our products.

IC: We offer IT simplification, security, flexibility, agility, performance and mobility. Once customers understand what Citrix can really do for them, they quickly buy into the offer. Citrix is unique in that it looks from the perspective of application delivery, so communication is very important.

ACN: How important is stressing interoperability in your sales cycle? How much time and effort does your company make to ensure that you have strong and purposeful vendor alliances in place?

RT: Avaya considers interoperability and open architecture as core to our business - our solutions run on any network and that is vital for our customers. We work closely with all of the networking vendors as well as providers of mobility devices and software to ensure that enterprise customers have an open systems environment that can grow with them and support their business needs.

MH: Our Arena architecture was designed from the ground up to provide full multi-vendor support. So regardless of the infrastructure our clients use, we provide them with a complete and accurate picture. We build strong relationships with all the vendors, and we work closely with them to so that they can provide us with technical details.

IK: It is extremely important. We stress ‘standards' all the time and certainly are proud to show our vendor alliances in the industry with like-minded companies. It is all about communication, and a common language of IP is developing which envelopes every facet of society today. Without standards you are going nowhere or are maybe going to a very lonely place.

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